Wholesome LEADERSHIP the heart, head, hands & health of school leaders

By Tom Rees

"Spanning the comprehensive perspective of self, school and system, this tour-de-force is both well-informed and uplifting whilst at the same time being full of practical advice and guidance, rooted in the author's front-line role leading a school."

Andy Buck - CEO – Leadership Matters


Tom Rees - Author

Tom Rees is Executive Headteacher at Simon de Senlis Primary School and works across 11 primary schools as the Education Director of Northampton Primary Academy Trust. He is a former Advanced Skills Teacher with 17 years of school leadership across different contexts, counties and countries. Tom has also experienced life in industry via an 18 month secondment in the EdTech industry working alongside schools, academies, local authorities and multi-national companies.

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"This is the book I would have loved when a deputy or head teacher. Management books can be either rather dull or too celebratory of personal successes. By contrast, Tom’s book strikes a very human tone that is both touching and effective."
Oliver Caviglioli Former Special School Headteacher & Illustrator
"A book of humble wisdom from a master of evidence-based educational research and a self-help manual for the often lonely world of school leadership. Full of practical advice and guidance, it is a perfect dip-in, dip-out read for school leaders of varying experience and expertise. A ‘must read’ for every experienced or aspiring leader!"
Julia Kedwards Multi Academy Trust CEO

Wholesome Leadership focuses on Tom Rees's depth of thinking and knowledge of leadership, and his ability to translate that into both a structure and tone.

This book will be relevant to leaders in schools today and will resonate with leaders at all levels. The book is brilliantly supplemented with the thoughts and views of colleagues spanning the whole educational spectrum, including: Sir David Carter, Clare Sealy, Daisy Christodoulou, MAT CEOs, Julia Kedwards, Stephen Tierney and Andrew Morrish, plus his very own actual dad!


"Whether you are doubting entering primary school leadership, jilted by your current headship or would simply welcome the perspective of another colleague, you need to make this the first purchase on your planned reading list. Tom was a first class primary teacher and has been successful in headship."
Craig Jones Principal – Haywood Village Academy
"This is a must read for all current and aspiring school leaders. Tom writes with great authenticity and skill, balancing theory, relevant first-hand experience and useful strategies to take away. This book is personal in style and very accessible - for me it was extremely useful, informative and incredibly relevant. "
Jon Watson Headteacher, North Yorkshire

Wholesome Leadership is a compendium of practical advice and wisdom, rooted in experience and research which will be invaluable to school leaders at all levels.

"There is no more important job than the role of 'teacher’ and fewer more fulfilling places to work than a well-run school. Never has it been more important for good people to either become or remain school leaders."

- Tom Rees


A companion for school leaders at all levels – a must have for anyone interested in educational leadership

"Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can."

John Wesley